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Navigator Financial Products was founded by industry experts who offer over 75 combined years of tax and financial services experience. Our leadership team has developed and driven some of the most innovative products—from bank product solutions to tax refund disbursement options—designed to help entrepreneurial tax professionals grow their business and improve client retention.

Our strategies provide the most creative, disciplined and responsible customer options within the framework of rapidly changing regulations. Careful planning, industry foresight, and a history of proven success ensures Navigator’s variety of products are the most competitive in the industry.

Our Products

Navigator helps offer your customers options for their refund proceeds, as well as paying for their tax preparation and related fees without out-of-pocket costs.

Refund Transfer*

A Refund Transfer (RT) is a financial product made available to taxpayers at the completion of services. The Refund Transfer is for taxpayers who file electronically but do not have the out of pocket funds to pay for their tax preparation and e-filing fees. Once the IRS or state taxing authority deposits the taxpayer’s refund proceeds into a designated account set up through Navigator’s authorized bank partner, the taxpayer will receive their funds by bank check or direct deposit.

Compass Program

With our new Compass program, your customers can use their refunds to pay your fees without incurring additional costs. It’s simple! By signing up for the Compass Program, Navigator will automatically deduct tax preparation fees from the customer refund proceeds for you. Navigator will charge a nominal fee for each deposit to you to perform this service.

Navigator Advance

Using the Navigator Advance Program, you can provide your customers early access to funds at no additional cost**. Your customer can apply for this loan within 48 hours of completing their tax return. This will allow your RT customers to receive an interest-free, no fee advance on their tax refund. Navigator will partner with the lender to utilize their underwriting criteria in determining qualified customers. This is a great program if you want to increase your business and retain your customers.

*Refund Transfer (RT) is a financial product offered by a National Bank, and processed through Navigator Financial Products, LLC of Iselin, NJ. Bank and other fees apply and will be deducted from your refund upon completion of services.  A Refund Transfer is not a loan, and will not alter the time it takes to receive a refund by e-file.  According to the IRS, most refunds are disbursed in less than 21 days. Tax refund and IRS e-file are required in order to receive a RT. Ask your tax preparer for terms and cost and other IRS e-filing options.
**EROs must be enrolled in the Navigator Refund Transfer program in order to offer the Navigator Advance. A fee will be charged to the ERO, and will be deducted from the ERO tax preparation fees. The fee for the Navigator Advance product cannot be passed along to the customer.

All information is subject to change prior to tax season.

Choice and Convenience

Customer Options

Disbursement Option

Direct Deposit*

Customers with an existing bank account can have their refund proceeds deposited directly into their bank account. Delivered through Navigator Financial via the Refund Transfer application, the taxpayer’s routing and bank account numbers are captured for a safe and secure transfer into their checking or savings account.

*Funds will be available within 1-3 business days after Navigator Financial receives the refund proceeds from the IRS or state taxing authority.

Disbursement Option

Bank Check*

Navigator Financial will provide the ability for your customers to pick up an ERO printed bank check in your office. For safety and security, this option removes the possibility of stolen mailed IRS refund checks. Print checks directly from your office computer and have the taxpayer come back in to pick up. Taxpayers are assured of the safety and expedience of cashing a bank check at many convenient locations.

Additional Disclosures & Requirements

For ERO’s

  1. Every tax office will receive their initial check stock supply prior to the beginning of the tax season. In addition, Navigator Financial will include marketing materials to help you promote Navigator programs.
  2. All check stock, blank and printed, must be kept in a locked area (e.g. locked drawer or cabinet). All Navigator Compliance procedures may be reviewed in the ERO User Guide, Compliance Training, Best Practices and the Compliance Memo.

Check Cashing businesses

    Navigator Financial provides a toll free number and website portal that are available 24/7 for the verification of our financial product checks. For fast and easy verification by financial institutions and check cashing services, a toll free number and website address is printed on the face of all our checks.

Navigator Financial products are not loans and are offered through a partnership with our select bank. Tax preparation, a tax refund, and authorized IRS e-filing are requirements to receive Navigator financial products. Bank Fees do apply. Product terms and conditions may change without notice. See your tax professional for details about any and all of our product offerings and any other applicable fees that may apply.